Why Outsource

We understand the economics of owning a medical practice in todays Workers Compensation system and the need to balance the business side of medicine. Our goal is to improve your revenues through our experience and resources so that you can focus on practicing medicine, not on the management of Billing and Collections. We’re much more than a Billing and Collections company; we provide your medical practice the ability to grow without the hassles of managing your A/R.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

· Reduce your overhead expenses
· No sick or vacation time to pay
· Eliminate the hassle of staff turnover
· Reimbursement time is accelerated
· Accounts Receivable reduced
· Improve cash flow
· Lets your practice focus on what really matter, PATIENT CARE
· Reduce office paperwork.
· Neglected and overlooked claims are no longer an issue
· Billing and Collections are being done by Work Comp Specialists
· We take care of all court appearances for lien hearings at WCAB
· Reduce your office Work Comp Insurance overhead
· You have an entire company behind you, that is dedicated to the billing and collection of all your A/R, not just one or two employees
· Since our fees for billing and collection work are strictly contingent upon our performance in obtaining revenues on your behalf…WE DON’T GET PAID  UNLESS YOU GET PAID. Your success is our success.