Whether you are a small practice or a large practice with multiple locations, we understand the hassle of keeping up to date with the ongoing billing changes in our industry. We will make sure to make the transition of outsourcing your billing to us as easy and seamless as possible so you don’t have to worry about the hassles that usually accompany such transitions. Furthermore, we will do a thorough analysis of your coding and billing currently being implemented by your practice and we will make any recommendations in order to avoid denials and/or delay of payments in the future.

Our billing system ensures quick submission of claim forms with all the relevant information. As bills are sent out we will begin our follow up process so that your claims are reimbursed without delay and generate payment within 3-4 weeks. We effectively contact claims adjustors and review companies to resolve any pending payment issues in a timely manner. We ensure quick posting of all payments as soon as they are received in order to reflect a current and accurate A/R.

We are experienced with billing various types of procedures including:

  • Pharmacy/Medications
  • Surgery (Ortho, Neuro, Pod, ENT, etc.)
  • Radiology (MRI’s)
  • Physical Therapy
  • First Reports/ Follow Up Visits
  • Range of Motion Testing
  • Psych Evaluations
  • EMG-NCVs
  • DME
  • Interpreting Services
  • And More…

We specialize in appeals for:

  • Surgical claims, including items that have been discounted or bundled inappropriately
  • Report payments, including Consultations, PR2, and PR3 reports
  • Secondary Consultation services
  • Down coded services, including E & M services
  • Office procedures, including DME items, x-rays, and injections

With our state of the art billing system, we will begin your claims processing as quickly as possible. We fully comply with all HIPAA guidelines so you can be assured all of your important data will be secure and private.