How soon can we have you working on our Accounts Receivables?
Within 3 days if necessary, however we prefer 2 weeks to ensure the smoothest transition.

Where does the reimbursements from insurance carriers go to?
All reimbursements are sent directly to the provider. SICM Group will receive no payments from insurance carriers. We do need a copy of the check and EOB for posting payments to patient accounts.

What is required from us? 

In order for us to import information into our database, we must receive all of the files that are being assigned to us on Excel format with the following information:

Provider Name

Patients LastName

Patients First Name

Date of Birth


Begin Date of Service

Ending Date of Service

Original Balance


Current Balance

Name of insurance carrier 

Carrier Address

Carrier City

Carrier State

Carrier Zip


Claim Number

Date of Injury(s)

WCAB/ADJ Numbers

What initial document is required for your files?

We must receive a complete itemize statement of all charges and payments on all cases that have been assigned by the provider containing some of the following information:

Patients name 

Date of Birth


Date of service

Name of insurance carrier

CPT codes
ICD-9 code(s) 

Date of Injury(s)

Referring physician’s name (If applicable)

What additional documentations are required for your files?
If we need any medical reports or non-medical documents in order to support payment, any/all objections letters and/or denials. We will need a contact the designated person at your office that will able to assist us in obtaining said documents.

How will correspondence get to your company?
We can receive information via fax, first-class mail, e-mail or we can arrange pick
up if in a local area.

Do you also handle Court Appearances?
Yes, that is included in our services. We handle the management of the calendar for hearings and have assigned representatives at all WCAB in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties that will appear on any hearings that we need to attend.

How often do you contact the insurance carrier adjuster or defense attorney?
Demands for Settlement, Rebilling and Phone calls are done on an ongoing basis until the account is paid and closed. We will aggressively follow up daily on all outstanding balances.

What if the insurance carrier continues to refuse to pay our bill?
If we have exhausted our efforts via phone calls and correspondence, once the case in chief has been resolved by way of settlement, we will file for a hearing at the Workers Compensation Appeals Board by filing a Declaration of Readiness to Proceed (DOR) and pursue matter at court on your behalf.